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Dacia have not yet entered the world of electric or hybrid vehicles but we cover a few of their cars on this website as the do have a bi-fuel LPG option. LPG isn't pollution free but rated as far cleaner than burning petrol and diesel fuels with circa CO2 emissions 45% lower than diesel and 33% less than petrol engines. Dacia's bi-fuel cars can seamlessly switch between their dual fuels. They have a single engine but fed from two separate fuel tanks. Bi-fuel versions of the Duster, Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan are available in the UK. We class these as 'Mild' hybrids on our website as they do not fall into the electric hybrid categories. A new pure electric city car, the Dacia Spring is set to launch soon in the UK and is likely to be the cheapest pure-electric car in the UK.

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* Charge times are estimated based on battery size and use of a 3.6 kW home charge point. Actual charge times will vary significantly based on charger type. Range information is taken from manufacturer and WLTP data. Actual range will vary significantly depending on car usage. Pricing data is based on market analysis and represents a target price we believe is available. Monthly pricing is based on personal leasing (PCH) data for 9+47 months, 8k miles/annum.