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BMW, as you would expect, were fairly early to the EV market with the distinctive i3 full electric car and then hybrids like the 330e which have been very successful. As with all mainstream brands, 2021 sees a proliferation of new electric and hybrid cars with hybrid focus being of the plug-in (PHEV) kind. There are currently PHEV versions of the 2,3,5 and 7 series in addition to the X1,2,3 and 5 models. Pure electric is in the 'I' range where they have the i3, i4, iX, iX3 and then the i8. So small cars to SUVs and even sports are covered in pure electric if you wish – of course with the quality and tech you would expect from BMW. Cars like the new i4 can cover circa 360 miles on a single charge so say goodbye to range anxiety. Select a car below to find out more about BMW electric and hybrid cars.

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* Charge times are estimated based on battery size and use of a 3.6 kW home charge point. Actual charge times will vary significantly based on charger type. Range information is taken from manufacturer and WLTP data. Actual range will vary significantly depending on car usage. Pricing data is based on market analysis and represents a target price we believe is available. Monthly pricing is based on personal leasing (PCH) data for 9+47 months, 8k miles/annum.