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The Vauxhall Astra, a household name for many, takes a bold step into the electric age. But does it capture the spirit of the new era while holding onto its iconic legacy?

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The 2023 Vauxhall Astra Electric attempts to marry its rich lineage with the demands of modern-day electric motoring.

Starting with the heart of the vehicle, the 54kWh battery sends power to a front-mounted motor, generating a respectable 152bhp and a torque of 270Nm. On paper, these numbers should suffice for most urban and highway drives. However, when you set this against competitors in its class, the Astra Electric’s 9.2-second 0-62mph sprint seems a touch lacklustre. Rivals like the Renault Megane E-Tech and MG4 leave it behind by a clear margin in this straight-line dash.

Driving the Astra Electric in temperate conditions showcases its promising range of around 258 miles, placing it in a competitive spot in the EV market. Yet, a point of contention is the absence of a heat pump. For potential users in colder climates, this could lead to a noticeable dip in the promised range, making it less than ideal for longer winter drives.

Handling-wise, there are both highs and lows. The Astra Electric continues the lineage’s trend of a responsive and intuitive drive. Steering feels progressive, and the car exhibits commendable stability through bends, translating to confidence for the driver. However, the weight of its batteries is palpable. Though Vauxhall has tried to mitigate this with its design, the car doesn’t mask its weight as effectively as some rivals, which can make it feel less nimble in certain situations.

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Exterior Design

The 2023 Vauxhall Astra Electric is a perplexing mix when it comes to its exterior. On one hand, it’s clear that Vauxhall has worked diligently to blend the Astra’s familiar silhouette with the modern design touches expected of an EV. On the other, some decisions in the design process raise eyebrows.

The silhouette, without a doubt, retains the classic Astra aura. This offers a comforting familiarity which long-time Vauxhall fans will appreciate. However, this can also be perceived as a missed opportunity. Given the significant under-the-hood transformation, a bolder exterior redesign could have better heralded the new electric era for the Astra.

A subtle nod to its electric identity, the small ‘e’ badge, feels almost too understated. One might argue that in a sea of vehicles loudly proclaiming their electric nature, this modest approach is refreshing.

One area where Vauxhall might have missed the mark is the colour options for this model. While they’ve opted for understated and sophisticated hues, a few bolder choices might have been appreciated by those looking to make a statement with their EV.

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Stepping inside the 2023 Vauxhall Astra Electric, one is immediately reminded of the brand’s longstanding commitment to creating familiar yet functional interiors.

Firstly, the cabin, at a glance, mirrors that of the broader Astra range. This spells continuity, which long-standing fans of the brand might appreciate. But for those expecting a radical departure or a unique touch to signify its electric nature, there might be a touch of disappointment. The use of varied materials is evident throughout the cabin. While there are plush finishes that add a premium touch, the presence of hard plastics in certain areas does make one question the longevity and feel. It’s true that these plastics might stand the test of time, but they don’t necessarily exude an upscale vibe.

Front and centre are the dual 10-inch screens, which, although an upgrade from the older Astras, have become somewhat of a norm in this generation of family hatchbacks. The infotainment system is quite intuitive, which is a saving grace, especially for those who’ve faced the brunt of complex systems in other vehicles. A notable positive is the retention of physical climate controls, a move that many will appreciate for its straightforwardness amidst the touch-heavy trend.

Safety tech, under the ‘Intelli-drive 2.0’ umbrella, showcases Vauxhall’s dedication to ensuring the car is equipped for modern roads. Features like semi-autonomous lane change and rear cross-traffic alert are invaluable additions.

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When it comes to everyday usability, the practicality of a vehicle often takes center stage, especially for family cars like the Vauxhall Astra Electric.

A notable highlight is the Astra Electric’s boot space. At 352 litres, it’s reassuring to see that the shift to an electric powertrain hasn’t led to a compromise on cargo capacity. This means your weekly groceries, kids’ sports gear, or that occasional IKEA flat-pack should fit without much hassle. However, if one is looking to lug larger loads or embark on family vacations, it might be worth glancing over at the Astra Electric Sports Tourer estate variant, which promises even more room.

A less talked about but equally significant point on practicality revolves around cabin storage. While the Astra Electric does decently with its door bins and glovebox, there’s a noticeable lack of inventive storage solutions that some rivals offer – think sliding compartments or hidden cubbies which can be a godsend on longer drives.

Another commendable aspect is the battery placement. It’s evident that Vauxhall has put thought into ensuring the battery doesn’t impede cabin space, especially in the rear. Rear passengers will appreciate the room for their feet, a detail often overlooked in EV designs.

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The Vauxhall Astra Electric is a commendable attempt to usher a beloved model into the electric age. It caters to those transitioning to EVs without alienating their familiar driving experiences. While its performance metrics and some quality aspects might not lead the segment, its legacy and the brand’s commitment to change might be enough to sway loyalists and newcomers alike. In the EV universe, it might not be the brightest star, but it’s undoubtedly one to watch.