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  • Advanced Electric Powertrain

  • Luxurious interior

  • Impressive range


  • Premium price point

  • Size and Maneuverability

  • Interior Overwhelming for Some


As the electric tide continues its surge, Mercedes-Benz wades in deep with its opulent flagship offering: the EQS. The Mercedes-Benz EQS, an embodiment of luxury and innovation, comes at a premium. Delving into its cost and trim options offers a clear picture of what to expect. The range begins with the EQS 450+ AMG Line, setting you back a little over £100,000. It’s a substantial investment, but for that price, buyers are welcomed into the world of refined luxury, cutting-edge technology, and impeccable design synonymous with Mercedes-Benz.

Bearing the weight of legacy, it beckons the question—does this electric masterpiece toe the line between sustainable tech and pure luxury, or does it fall short?

Mercedes EQS exterior

Exterior and Design

Upon first glance, the EQS encapsulates a masterful blend of the future and Mercedes’s heritage. Sculpted to slice the wind, its design echoes efficiency without compromising elegance. The grille, now not just a token of style but an emblem of evolution, stands out, drawing eyes with its star-studded pattern. However, while the LED headlights add a contemporary touch, they feel somewhat derivative, echoing hints from competitors.

Mercedes EQS exterior


Slide into the cockpit, and you’re transported to a realm that’s unquestionably Mercedes, yet invigorated with fresh zest. The optional Hyperscreen, a marvel of tech and design, seamlessly integrates the controls into a singular digital experience. Traditional dials? Replaced by a visual orchestra of responsive displays.

The cabin is swathed in materials one would expect in a high-end sedan: tactile leather, intricate wood patterns, and metal accents. However, Mercedes’s attempt to simplify with touch-sensitive controls might be its Achilles’ heel. While undeniably futuristic, the tactile response of a knob or button offers an assuredness that touch lacks. On the flip side, the ambient lighting, available in 64 shades, adds a touch of personalisation—although, arguably, most will stick to a select few after the novelty wears off.

Mercedes EQS interior

Performance and handling

Under its polished veneer, the EQS’s performance doesn’t betray its electric heart. The EQS 450+ delivers a hushed, potent 328bhp, while the EQS AMG 53, standing at 649bhp, pushes the boundaries of electric sedan capabilities. Both deliver torque instantaneously, making overtakes feel effortless. However, while the EQS glides on motorways, its size becomes palpable on tighter roads. Mercedes’s inclusion of rear-wheel steering indeed aids agility, but it cannot defy its inherent dimensions.

Sports+ mode is an interesting addition, simulating the auditory feedback of an internal combustion engine. While some purists might smirk, others could see this as a comforting transition.

Mercedes EQS performance

Charging and Range

In the realm of electric vehicles, the two pillars upon which a car stands or crumbles are its range and charging capabilities. Mercedes-Benz has made significant strides in ensuring the EQS is bolstered in these aspects. Let’s start with its range. The EQS 450+ promises an audacious claim of over 450 miles on a single charge, placing it at the pinnacle of electric luxury sedans. This range isn’t just a number—it’s a statement of freedom, diminishing the age-old ‘range anxiety’ that’s plagued EV buyers. It means longer uninterrupted journeys, lesser frequent stops, and a genuine rival to traditional fuel-powered long-distance capabilities.

But a range, however impressive, would be moot without robust charging solutions. Here, Mercedes seems to have pulled no punches. The EQS’s fast-charging technology is truly transformative. With the right charger, one can inject close to 200 miles of range in just 20 minutes. Such speeds mean that a coffee break during a long journey can almost fully replenish the car’s battery. It’s this synergy of substantial range and rapid charging that makes the EQS a viable choice for both urban and long-distance commutes.

However, it’s not all rosy. As the EV market expands, the charging infrastructure, especially in regions outside of major urban areas, will be the litmus test for practical EV adoption. While the EQS boasts impressive charging speeds, the availability and ubiquity of compatible fast chargers remain a concern. Competitors like Tesla have invested heavily in their dedicated Supercharger network, ensuring not just fast but consistent charging experiences for their users. Mercedes will need to either develop its proprietary network or ensure compatibility and partnerships with existing infrastructures to truly make the EQS the undisputed choice for potential electric luxury sedan buyers.

Mercedes EQS Charging and range


Practicality in a luxury sedan? It’s more likely than you’d think. The EQS ventures into hatchback territory, providing a spacious 610-litre boot, expandable to a massive 1,710 litres. It’s undoubtedly a nod to those who seek versatility alongside luxury. Seating, however, while abundant for four, feels a tad compromised for the fifth occupant. The sheer length of the EQS, although a boon for space, could make tight urban scenarios challenging.

Mercedes EQS boot space


Mercedes-Benz’s EQS is a masterstroke of blending luxury with green tech. It’s a marvel that largely delivers on its promises but isn’t without its quirks. For those in the market for an electric luxury sedan, the EQS stands as a beacon. However, potential buyers should be ready to embrace a new world of controls and ensure they have access to a robust charging network. If these boxes are ticked, the EQS might just be the perfect addition to a forward-thinking garage.