Nissan was one of the early pioneers of electric cars, with the first-generation Leaf being one of the first mass-market EVs when it debuted in 2010. 

Today, Nissan remains a major player in the electrified world, offering various EVs, along with hybrid and innovative e-Power models. But what are the electrified Nissan models that you can buy today? Let’s take a look. 


Nissan Juke

Nissan’s Juke was one of the early small crossovers and remains a key contender in this popular class. Though the second-generation Juke reached dealers in early 2020, the line-up has recently expanded with a new hybrid version. 

It’s a ‘self-charging setup’ and one shared with Renault. It also brings noticeably more performance and efficiency than the regular petrol Juke. Around town, up to 80 per cent of your driving could be completed without the need to have the engine running, making it a great urban choice. The Juke is also stylish and very generously equipped as standard. 


Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s Leaf might be getting on a bit now, at least next to newer rivals, but this electric hatchback still has lots to offer. Produced in Sunderland – where the Juke and Qashqai are also made – the Leaf is available from £28,995, and is significantly cheaper than cars like the Renault Megane E-Tech and Volkswagen ID.3.

The level of standard equipment is impressive too – especially when it comes to driver assistance technology – while the Leaf is also practical and very easy to drive. There’s the choice of a 39kWh battery or 59kWh model, which offer claimed ranges of 168 and 239 miles respectively.


Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai has been a massively successful model for Nissan. Helping to establish the ‘crossover’ segment we know today, it remains very popular and was the UK’s best-selling car overall in 2022. 

Last year also saw the introduction of a new electrified e-Power model. Sold alongside mild-hybrid versions, it features an innovative powertrain, which is different from a normal hybrid in that the petrol engine primarily serves as a generator to charge the battery – giving the feeling of an EV while delivering the driving experience more in-line with an electric car. The Qashqai is also smart to look at inside and out and offers a good amount of space for a model of this size. 


Nissan X-Trail

If you need a bit more space or have a growing family, an ideal model to look at is Nissan’s X-Trail. Larger than the Qashqai, it has a very practical interior, and can also be specified with a third row of seats to expand its practicality further.

The X-Trail is also available with Nissan’s e-Power setup, though unlike the Qashqai can be specified with a clever electronic four-wheel-drive system called e-4orce, and expands its capability further. 


Nissan Ariya

Nissan has begun launching its new generation of electric models, and first is the striking new Ariya. A model that will take this firm further upmarket, this EV offers an incredibly premium interior and a range of new technology – including an electric-sliding centre console. 

The Ariya is also good to drive, while there is a choice of different powertrains to choose from, with the largest battery version offering an impressive range of up to 329 miles. It’s no surprise this Nissan has already taken home a number of important awards. 


Nissan Townstar

Nissan isn’t just selling electric cars, however, but also vans. The firm was well-known for its popular e-NV200, but that’s now been axed and replaced with the Townstar. Also sold with a petrol engine, this compact commercial vehicle is ideal for use around the city. 

Offering a payload of up to 800kg, and a range of high-end technologies – top-spec models feature a 360-degree camera and park assist – a range of 184 miles is longer than many other electric vans on the market.