As the electrified streets buzz with more and more electric vehicles, Cupra throws its hat in the ring with the Tavascan. Cupra, Volkswagen Group’s performance arm, is readying its sophomore EV launch after the Cupra Born. So, let’s break down the ins and outs of the Cupra Tavascan.

What is it?

The Tavascan is Cupra’s take on the electric coupe SUV genre, trying to etch its mark in an increasingly crowded field. Positioned a notch above the Cupra Born, it promises to blend zesty performance with electric thriftiness. It’s gunning for the discerning driver who desires flair and functionality in one package.

Cupra Tavascan exterior

Design and Styling

Visually, the Tavascan isn’t shy. Sharp contours, distinctive headlights, and standout daytime running lights ensure you’ll give it a second look. Its audacious design might be a hit for some, but could be a bit too out there for others. The coupé-like roofline is unmistakably trendy, yet its resemblance to the Volkswagen ID.5 might make you question its distinctiveness in a sea of EVs.

Cupra tavascan exterior


The cabin doesn’t play it safe either. Bronze highlights meshed with expansive silver accents set a daring tone. Dominated by a 15-inch infotainment screen with Cupra-exclusive touches, it’s unapologetically bold. But not everyone wants to shout with their interiors, and some might find it veering away from practical elegance.



The Tavascan VZ variant boasts dual motors, punching out a heady 335bhp and a twisty 679Nm of torque. A 0-62mph in 5.6 seconds on paper is impressive. Yet, numbers are just half the story. How it translates on the tarmac remains to be seen. And with great power often comes reduced range, so efficiency could take a hit.

Cupra tavascan exterior

Charging and Range

Range-wise, the VZ’s 77kWh battery promises around 321 miles, but real-world mileage often tells a different tale depending on numerous factors. A standout feature, however, is its rapid charge capability—gaining 62 miles in a brisk seven minutes with a 135kW charger, which could be a game-changer for those on the go.

Cupra tavascan exterior

How much will it cost?

Exact UK figures for the Tavascan remain under wraps, but rumblings suggest a starting ballpark of £55,000. Given this price point, it’ll have to deliver in spades to justify its tag, especially when benchmarked against its EV peers. It’s slated for a debut next year, adding another name to the growing list of electric SUVs.

Final Thoughts

Cupra’s Tavascan has bravado and ambition, eyeing the performance-seeking, design-loving buyer. Its bold strokes could make it a crowd favourite or a niche pick. Its real test lies in how it performs in real-world scenarios and whether it can carve a unique identity in the EV arena teeming with contenders