BMW was one of the first manufacturers to launch a mass-market EV with its i3 back in 2013, and as well as its extensive experience of plug-in hybrids, this firm now produces some of the best electric cars on the market. 

While newer, bespoke electric BMWs – such as the iX and i7 – might grab the limelight, it’s worth taking a look at the firm’s iX3. Based on the popular X3, which is sold with petrol, diesel and hybrid powertrains, the iX3 opens the model up to a new audience.

Introduced in 2021, only a year later BMW tweaked the model – enhancing the level of equipment and technology. Here are five reasons to consider it…

Good – and reliable – electric range


On paper, the BMW iX3’s range might not be the longest. Its 74kWh usable battery is relatively small compared to the Q8 e-tron 50’s 89kWh unit, yet thanks to its impressive efficiency, it performs well, with BMW claiming up to 285 miles to a charge.  That’s more than the 281 miles you get from the Audi, despite its noticeably larger battery. 

BMW’s electric ranges are also notoriously reliable, and though you might not achieve that quoted figure unless you drive like a saint, you’re likely to get far closer to it than you would in rival electric SUVs. 

Practical and easy to live with


The X3 has always been a model that’s gone down well with families wanting a right-sized SUV – meaning nothing too big, but that still has a great deal of space inside. The iX3 is no different, either. 

It offers virtually the same levels of practicality as petrol and diesel X3s, and actually more space than the plug-in hybrid. The boot measures a useful 510 litres, while there’s loads of space in the rear seats for adults or taller teenagers. 

Packed full of technology


Though the iX3 might not utilise BMW’s latest Curved Display infotainment system, this SUV is still packed full of technology. Using a large 12.3-inch touchscreen and digital instrument cluster of the same size, it offers a particularly high-tech feel. 

BMW’s advanced ‘Intelligent Personal Assistant’ is also present and correct, and remains one of the best voice control systems around. High-spec models also benefit from a head-up display, infotainment that can be controlled with gestures (like swiping motions to change songs) and a Harman Kardon sound system. 

More subtle than other electric SUVs


In the electric SUV segment, bold styling seems to dominate. You’ve got Mercedes’ EQC that features a light-up grille, while even BMW’s own iX offers a particularly imposing design with its huge kidney grille. 

But if you want something a bit more subtle, the iX3 is a really appealing choice. It’s by no means bland, but doesn’t offer the same ‘look at me’ styling. It remains smart, however, and this is no doubt helped by the standard M Sport specification that gives this SUV a sportier look. 

Competitive pricing


Though the iX3 is more expensive than regular X3 models, its £62,685 starting price is still noticeably lower than rival manufacturers. 

These include the Audi Q8 e-tron, which comes in at £68,595, while the Mercedes EQC is even pricier at £72,335.