The 5 Series is one of BMW’s most important cars, and as things transition towards more electrified models, it’s easy to see the firm is now introducing the electric i5. 

Set to arrive in the UK later this year, it will go head-to-head with models like the Tesla Model S and Mercedes EQE, with a Touring estate model to follow.

Joining BMW’s already expansive line-up of EVs, the i5 is expected to be a popular choice, which is why the firm has thrown all of its latest features and technology at it. Here we pick out five highlights.

Features BMW’s new Curved Display

BMW i5

BMW has been modernising its interiors in recent months through the addition of a ‘Curved Display’. The new i5 will be the latest to adopt such a feature, and it helps to give this saloon car an especially modern cabin. 

Including a large 14.9-inch touchscreen and 12.3-inch digital dial display, combined to form one piece of glass, the i5 adopts BMW’s latest operating system. This includes new ‘QuickSelect’ shortcut buttons for easier use. It also enables new features such as YouTube integration for when the car is stationary – ideal when charging. 

First BMW to offer in-car gaming

BMW i5

Another new feature for the i5 is its ‘AirConsole’. It’s a first for a BMW, and essentially allows the car to turn into a games controller when stopped – another feature that’s ideal for charging. 

Using smartphones as a games controller, a connection is established with a QR code between the device and Curved Display, and allows for a selection of games to be played on the car’s main screen. At launch, 20 different games will be available, but this will continue to grow through over-the-air software updates.  

Clever Interaction Bar is adopted from flagship 7 Series

BMW i5

Bar’ that has been seen in BMW’s new flagship i7. 

The backlit unit with a crystal surface extends across the width of the dashboard and into the door panels, and features touch controls for the ventilation. It comes as standard, and can even display light displays and indicate incoming phone calls, among other things. 

Advanced battery technology

BMW i5

BMW has more experience when it comes to EVs than many other firms, and that really shows with the battery and electric technology available on the new i5. The battery pack has a capacity of 81.2kWh, which is a good size, but thanks to clever packaging, it is compact in design and doesn’t interfere with interior space. 

BMW claims a range of up to 362 miles is possible, while it’s also able to DC rapid charge at speeds up to 205kW. This means that a 10 to 80 per cent rapid charge could be achieved in just 30 minutes in ideal conditions. 

Class-leading driver assistance features

BMW i5

The latest 5 Series and i5 feature a particularly impressive array of driver assistance features, with many included as standard. It’s got a more advanced front collision warning that can work in more advanced settings, as well as rear braking to prevent collisions. 

As an option, BMW will also offer a feature called Active Lane Change Assistant, whereby the system can automatically carry out lane changes controlled by looking into the exterior mirror,  with no need to press the indicator yourself or change lanes manually.